Resurface Your Deck To Eliminate Splinters And Make It Easier To Care For

Spring comes with a very long to-do list when you own a home. Since winter weather is so damaging, you get to spend the first few weekends of spring undoing the damage that Old Man Winter has caused over a few short months. One area that many people focus on is the deck. If you have a wooden deck that you're working to get ready for summer fun, there are a few things to consider. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help get the deck ready for fun.

Determine Condition

Wooden decks will last quite a while, but after several years of use and many cleanings, they can begin to splinter and look terrible no matter what you do.

If your deck is beginning to splinter or is discolored, you have options—you don't have to rip off the deck and buy all new wood to rebuild it. Instead, the deck can be resurfaced. During the resurfacing, all of the splintering wood will be prepped and any damaged areas are repaired. Then, the entire surface is coated with a rubber material.

This resurfacing technique eliminates the chances of the wood splintering further and prevents moisture from soaking into it any further. This will put a stop to the rot and should reduce the number of splinters that you pull out of your feet this year.

Note: This is a wonderful option for finishing a pool deck. Not only will it reduce the likelihood of splinters, but it will also provide traction that can reduce the chances of slip and fall injuries on the deck.

Maintain More Easily

How much time do you spend pressure washing and sealing your deck each spring? Well, if you have the deck resurfaced, you won't have to do that anymore. Instead, you'll just give the deck a quick cleaning with a less-powerful pressure washer and you'll be good to go. There will be no need to coat the deck with sealant and wait a couple of days for it to cure before putting your furniture out on it.

Sweep Often

Instead of letting dirt build up on your deck for several weeks and then become mud when it rains, get the broom out and spend a few minutes sweeping the deck off each week. This will reduce the time it takes to clean the deck when the time comes.

Talk with the deck resurfacing professional near you to learn more about the benefits of resurfacing the deck on your home or your pool.